Adrianne Wortzel

Adrianne Wortzel's art explores historical and cultural perspectives - in both physical and virtual networked environments - through interactive robotic and telerobotic installations, performance productions, and texts. She is a Professor of Communication Design at New York City College of Technology, CUNY, a member of the doctoral faculty of the Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Certificate Program of the CUNY Graduate Center, and an Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, where she is also the Founding Director of StudioBlue, a telerobotic video studio. Recent works include: Eliza Redux,, The Veils of Transference, and Camouflage Town, a telerobotic installation exhibited in Data Dynamics at The Whitney Museum of American Art (2001). These projects have been made possible by funding from Artists-In-Swiss Labs Program, the National Science Foundation, Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art, and the PSC-CUNY Research Foundation of the City University of New York, among others. Eliza Redux, through the auspices of Franklin Furnace, has recently received a Greenwall Foundation Grant to support its next stage.

Essays by this author

Adrianne Wortzel's response


Praise for the body art of Camille Utterback, and commentary on controls.

Adrianne Wortzel's response (excerpt)


A thirst for interaction fuels Adrianne Wortzel’s response.

Eliza Redux


Adrianne Wortzel explains a revisioning of the 1960s computer-based therapist simulator, which moves beyond the original’s text-only interface to include graphics, robotics, and an ever-expanding vocabulary.