Alex Link

Alex Link teaches English at the Alberta College of Art + Design.  He is the author of several articles.  Those most relevant to this review include "Global War, Global Capital, and the Work of Art in William Gibson's Pattern Recognition" and "'The Capitol of Darknesse,'" both in Contemporary Literature; and "The Mysteries of Postmodernism, or, Fredric Jameson's Gothic Plots" in Gothic Studies.

Essays by this author

Pierre Menard with a Pipette: VAS and the Body of Text


Like a text whose every rewriting is a reinterpretation, the body changes each time its “naturalness” is re-articulated anew. This is the spiraling history traced by Steve Tomasula’s VAS, which depicts the body, according to Alex Link, as “the place where cultural work is naturalized, and where the natural is worked.”

Review of Karin Hoepker's No Maps for These Territories: Cities, Spaces, and Archeologies of the Future in William Gibson


The good news in Alex Link’s review is that Karin Hoepker’s No Maps for These Territories begins the necessary work on spatiality in William Gibson’s first two trilogies. Still, much remains to be done. Link points the way to a critically productive analysis built on Hoepker’s opening moves.