Amy Elias

Amy J. Elias is an associate professor in the English Department at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Her book Sublime Desire: History and Post-1960s Fiction (Johns Hopkins UP, 2001) concerns intersections between post-1960s historiography, the historical sublime, and literature. Her current book project is a study of the ethics of dialogue in postmodern theory, aesthetics, and contemporary art.

Essays by this author

Metaphysics after the Western Wall Has Come Down


Polymythic Personalistic Organicism, Biocentric Egalitarianism, and the Postmodern Return to Religion.

The World is Flat


According to Amy Elias, Paul Maltby’s negation of the mystical Other forecloses ‘the most interesting conversation’: between a critic who does not believe in visionary moments and those writers and critics who do believe in them.

Black Postmodernism


Amy J. Elias reviews Madhu Dubey’s second book Signs and Cities: Black Literary Postmodernism and gauges the argument that we can locate within literary history a distinctive African American strain of postmodernism.