Andrew McMurry

Andrew McMurry is an associate professor at the University of Waterloo. He specializes in environmental discourse. With Katherine Acheson, also of the University of Waterloo, he has been working on a project called In Multimedias Res: Towards a Rhetoric of the Digital Humanities, which analyzes strategies for conducting scholarly argument using multimedia. He is the author of Environmental Renaissance: Emerson, Thoreau, and the Systems of Nature (2003).

Essays by this author

Canadian Jeremiad


Andrew McMurry reviews John Livingstone’s Rogue Primate: An exploration of human domestication.

Critical Ecologies: Ten Years Later


Andrew McMurry looks back on ten years of ecocriticism and identifies
a “new physiocracy,” whose exclusive interest in technology is no better than the exclusive valuation of property that typified physiocrats of the Nineteenth-Century.

Introduction - Illuminated Criticism


Andrew McMurry introduces Katherine Acheson’s review of Radiant
, declaring that Acheson’s illuminated critique exemplifies what’s missing in McGann: the use of design not just to illustrate prose but also to extend a textual engagement.

Awesome and Terrifying


In his review of Lee Rozelle’s Ecosublime, Andrew McMurry offers a contrasting understanding of the sublime as a term describing our
closure to nature, not our openness.