Anne Burdick

ebr design editor from the fall of 1996, Anne Burdick has overseen the construction ebr2.0 and 3.0,

Essays by this author

New ebr Interface


In the fall of 1997, with the launch of ebr version 2.0, ebr editors Anne Burdick and Joseph Tabbi introduced a weaving metaphor to describe the journal interface. Three years later, Burdick sent in the following proposal for ebr 3.0, an entirely new version that enacts the metaphor using database technology.

Image + Narrative


In collecting essays for ebrs 6 and 7, the editors sought work that would not only talk about image and narrative theory in the networked environment; we wanted essays with design elements in their very construction. The essays were presented in the context of Anne Burdick’s first integral design for the journal itself, ebr version 2.0.

Reading Writing Space


Anne Burdick reads Jay David Bolter’s Writing Space.