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The msn thread originated in the Fall of 2001 as an ebr special co-edited by Cary Wolfe, Mark Amerika, and Joseph Tabbi.

Signmakers 1999


Cary Wolfe reviews Allison Hunter’s installation at Europas Parkas in Lithuania. In her work, interspersed as it is among that of other artists, Hunter focuses our attention on signification in the crevices of the so-called public sphere.

When You Can't Believe Your Eyes: Voice, Vision, and the Prosthetic Subject in Dancer in the Dark


Cary Wolfe investigates why the reviewers were so rattled by the Lars von Trier film, and in the process puts Jacques Derrida, Stanley Cavell, Slavoj Zizek, and Judith Butler into conversation.

Old Orders for New: Ecology, Animal Rights, and The Poverty of Humanism


Cary Wolfe reviews Luc Ferry’s The New Ecological Order.

Getting the Dirt on The Public Intellectual: A response to Michael Bérubé


Cary Wolfe lays bare the assumptions that define Bérubé’s