Charles Bernstein

Charles Bernstein's books include Girly Man, With Strings, and My Way: Speeches and Poems, from the University of Chicago Press, Shadowtime from Green Integer, and Republics of Reality: Poems 1975-1995 from Sun & Moon Press. He cofounded and edits PennSound and the Electronic Poetry Center and is Regan Professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania.

Essays by this author

Electronic Pies in the Poetry Skies


Charles Bernstein’s reflections on populism, democracy, and authority in the turbulent waters of web discussion groups and other new Internet sites.

Speed the Movie or Speed the Brand Name or Aren't You the Kind that Tells: My Sentimental Journey through Future Shock and Present Static Electricity. Version 19.84


Charles Bernstein. Keyword: speed. Speed as a morally coded concept. Speed as success. An ethics of speed. Speed-reading. Virtual reading. Cultural speed-up. Speed kills.