Christian Moraru

An Associate Professor of English at University of North Carolina, Greensboro, Christian Moraru specializes in critical theory, contemporary American literature, and comparative studies. His latest books are Rewriting: Postmodern Narrative and Cultural Critique in the Age of Cloning (2001), and Memorious Discourse: Reprise and Representation in Postmodernism (2005).

Essays by this author

Plagiarism, Creativity, and the Communal Politics of Renewal


As Christian Moraru argues here that the new is still the objective in contemporary writing. But writers and artists make it by making it anew rather than new (“Get it used,” Andrei Codrescu invites us), a new not so much novel as renovated, reframed and reproduced rather than produced, which by the same token redefines and advertises authorship as deliberate plagiarism.