D. Fox Harrell

D. Fox Harrell is an associate professor of digital media at MIT. The National Science Foundation has recognized him with a CAREER Award for his project "Computing for Advanced Identity Representation." He is currently completing a book, Phantasmal Media: An Approach to Imagination, Computation, and Expression, for the MIT Press.

Essays by this author

Playing Mimesis: Engendering Understanding Via Experience of Social Discrimination with an Interactive Narrative Game


The authors discuss their effort to raise critical awareness about microaggressive racist behavior with Mimesis, an interactive game set in an underwater environment where players become sea creatures, and where they feel the social force of microaggression regardless of the their race or ethnicity.

GRIOT's Tales of Haints and Seraphs: A Computational Narrative Generation System


D. Fox Harrell considers what is computational about composition, and describes the GRIOT system for generating literary texts.

Phantasmal Fictions


D. Fox Harrell considers how a media theory of the “phantasmal” - mental image and ideological construction - can be used to cover gaps within electronic literary practice and criticism. His perspective is shaped by cognitive semantics and the approach to meaning-making known as “conceptual blending theory.”