Dene Grigar

Dene Grigar is an Associate Professor and Director of the Digital Technology and Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver who works in the area of electronic literature, emergent technology and cognition, and ephemera. She is the author of "Fallow Field: A Story in Two Parts" and "The Jungfrau Tapes: A Conversation with Diana Slattery about The Glide Project," both of which have appeared in the Iowa Review Web, and When Ghosts Will Die (with Canadian multimedia artist Steve Gibson), a piece that experiments with motion tracking technology to produce networked narratives. Her most recent project, also with Gibson, is the MINDful Play Environment, a live, interactive game environment.

Essays by this author

Electronic Literature: Where Is It?


Countering Andrew Gallix’s suggestion in The Guardian that
electronic literature is finished, author Dene Grigar indicates that
it may not be e-lit, but rather the institution of humanities
teaching, that is in a state of crisis - and e-lit in fact could be
well placed one to revive the teaching of literature in schools and universities.