Diane Gromala

Professor Diane Gromala is the Canada Research Chair in Computational Technologies for Transforming Pain at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. Gromala co-authored the MIT Press book Windows and Mirrors with Jay David Bolter. Her research works at the confluence of computer science, media art and design, and has focused on the cultural, visceral, and embodied implications of digital technologies, particularly in the realm of pain. Dr. Gromala is the founding director of the Transforming Pain Research Group, an interdisciplinary team of artists, designers, computer scientists, neuroscientists and medical doctors investigating how new technologies—ranging from virtual reality and robotics to social media—may be used as a technological form of analgesia and pain management. Gromala holds degrees from the University of Michigan, Yale University and the University of Plymouth, England, and misspent her youth in the 1980s working in the Silicon Valley, mostly at Apple Computer.

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Diane Gromala’s response (excerpt)


Cyberpractitioner Diane Gromala celebrates virtual immersion’s unsteady body-knowledge.

Diane Gromala’s response (excerpt)


Derrida’s territory - “discontinuities, contradictions, ambiguities, materiality, silence, space, conflict, margins, and figures” - is Bill Seaman’s, as Diane Gromala notes.