Eric Lang

Eric Lang has been designing games since he was seven years old. He has been doing so professionally since 1998. He has designed, co-designed or developed over thirty published games and game expansions during this time, two of which have won the prestigious Origins Award for best game and/or expansion. After founding his own company, Anoch Game Systems (publishers of the critically acclaimed Mystick Tarot card game), he has moved on to design games and consult for game manufacturers worldwide, including Fantasy Flight Games and Mattel Inc. Eric resides in Mississauga, Canada.

Essays by this author

Design Decisions and Concepts in Licensed Collectible Card Games


Eric Lang (with Pat Harrigan) explains the advantages writers have in crafting adaptations of literary franchises into collectible card games. Lang maintains that, while attempting to remain true to the original, when turning narratives into games, one must “respect the medium.”