George Landow

Landow, who is Shaw Professor of English and Digital Culture and Director of the University Scholars Programme at the National University of Singapore, is currently on leave from Brown University, where he is Professor of English and Art History. His books on hypertext and digital culture include Hypermedia and Literary Studies (MIT, 1991), and The Digital Word: Text-Based Computing in the Humanities (MIT, 1993) both of which he edited with Paul Delany, and Hypertext: The Convergence of Contemporary Critical Theory and Technology (Hopkins UP, 1992), which has appeared in various European and Asian languages and as Hypertext in Hypertext (Hopkins UP, 1994), a greatly expanded electronic version with original texts by Derrida, reviews, student interventions, and works by other authors. In 1997, he published a much-expanded, completely revised version as Hypertext 2.0. He has also edited Hyper/Text/Theory. (Hopkins UP, 1994

Essays by this author

Before and After the Web: George P. Landow (interviewed by Harvey L. Molloy)


George Landow talks with Harvey Molloy about personal projects and future Web speculations.

Stitching Together Narrative, Sexuality, Self: Shelley Jackson's Patchwork Girl


George Landow reviews Patchwork Girl by Shelley Jackson.