Gonzalo Frasca

Gonzalo Frasca works as a researcher at the Center for Computer Game Research in Denmark. He is Editor of the Game Studies journal, as well as writing Ludology.org and co-editing WaterCoolerGames.org. Frasca is also a game developer who co-founded Powerful Robot Games, a videogame production studio responsible for the internationally acclaimed Newsgaming.com project.

Gonzalo Frasca's response


Secret agency is at issue in Frasca’s response, which denies the application of Aristotle to the open-ended interactivity of gaming.

Gonzalo Frasca responds in turn


“Critical videogames”: moving beyond the non sequiter of now, Gonzalo Frasca projects a future in which the phrase would make sense.

Videogames of the Oppressed


Gonzalo Frasca’s proposal for videogames that address “critical thinking, education, tolerance, and other trivial issues.”