Harold Jaffe

Harold Jaffe is the author of 22 books, including ten fiction, or docufiction, collections, four novels and two volumes of essays:  Paris 60 (2010); Anti-Twitter: 150 50-Word Stories (2010); Jesus Coyote  (2008); Beyond the Techno-Cave: A Guerrilla Writer’s Guide to Post-Millennial Culture (2006); Terror-dot-Gov (2003); 15 Serial Killers (2002); False Positive (2001); Sex for the Millennium (1999); Othello Blues (1996); Straight Razor (1995); Eros Anti-Eros (1990); Madonna and Other Spectacles (1988); Beasts (1986); Dos Indios (1983); and Mourning Crazy Horse (1982); Mole's Pity (1979). Jaffe's fiction has appeared in the Mississippi Review; City Lights Review; Performing Arts Journal; New Directions in Prose and Poetry; Chicago Review; Chelsea; Fiction; Central Park, Witness; Black Ice; Minnesota Review; Boundary 2; ACM; Black Warrior Review; Cream City Review, Denver Quarterly, and New Novel Review. And his fiction has been anthologized in Pushcart Prize; Best American Stories; Best of American Humor; Storming the Reality Studio; American Made; Avant Pop: Fiction for a Daydreaming Nation; After Yesterday's Crash: The Avant-Pop Anthology; Bateria and Am Lit (Germany), Borderlands (Mexico), Praz (Italy), Positive (Japan), and elsewhere. An issue of The Journal of Experimental Fiction called “The Literary Terrorism of Harold Jaffe” was devoted to his writings in 2004. Jaffe has been interviewed widely, in various countries. And his novels and short fiction have been translated into German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Czech, Farsi, and Turkish.

Essays by this author

Outcast Narrative


Reflections on the abject in the new world order.

Slash and Burn


Harold Jaffe offers a narrative model for the millenium.