Jacob Edmond

Jacob Edmond teaches modern and contemporary poetry in the Department of English, University of Otago (New Zealand). His research focuses on avant-garde or innovative poetries written in Chinese, Russian and English. Recent articles
include "Lyn Hejinian and Russian Estrangement," Poetics Today 27.1 (2006): 97-124.

Essays by this author

The Uses of Postmodernism


In this cross-cultural treatment of the ‘uses’ of postmodernism, Jacob Edmond adopts a transnational perspective to critically access the concept of “postmodernism”. Edmond describes the development of postmodernism in the USA, Europe, New Zealand, Russia, and China and demonstrates how, even if considered as an imprecise term, “postmodernism” came to represent cultural and historical changes that took place in the late 20th century.

Finding Holes in the Whole


Jacob Edmond reviews Brian McHale’s The Obligation toward the Difficult Whole.