Jacob Edmond

Jacob Edmond teaches modern and contemporary poetry in the Department of English, University of Otago (New Zealand). His research focuses on avant-garde or innovative poetries written in Chinese, Russian and English. Recent articles
include "Lyn Hejinian and Russian Estrangement," Poetics Today 27.1 (2006): 97-124.

Essays by this author

The Uses of Postmodernism


Jacob Edmond argues that while postmodernism might be useless as a theoretical concept or periodization, it nevertheless illuminates changes, both local and global, in the final decades of the twentieth century. Edmond analyzes the uses of postmodernism in the United States, New Zealand, Russia, and China. He shows how the various and even contradictory uses of the term postmodernism allowed it to represent both sides in the unfolding tension between globalization and localism in late twentieth-century culture.

Finding Holes in the Whole


Jacob Edmond reviews Brian McHale’s The Obligation toward the Difficult Whole.