Jan Baetens

Jan Baetans teaches visual culture at the universities of Maastricht (Holland) and Leuven (Belgium). He is the author or editor of some fifteen books, all in French or Dutch. On the problem of constrained writing he has published "l'Ethique de la contrainte." He wrote an essay on the poetics of Renaud Camus for ebr8, he guest-edited ebr10, Writing Under Constraint, and reviewed Carrie Noland's Poetry at Stake and Chris Ware in ebr11.

Essays by this author

Creating New Constraints: Toward a Theory of Writing as Digital Translation


In response to Mencia, Pold, and Portela, Belgian poet and scholar Jan Baetans suggests that we might view the field of trans-medial literature as an offshoot of translation studies (and not the reverse). In any case, whether we approach e-lit from a medial or linguistic standpoint, scholars do well to observe a “merger of translation and adaptation studies.”

Photo Narratives and Digital Archives; or: The Film Photo Novel Lost and Found


A first draft of this essay has been presented at the 2017 ELO Conference at Porto, in a panel organized by the “Nar-Trans” group of the University of Granada (other speakers: Domingo Sánchez-Mesa and Nieves Rosendo; panel chair: Rui Torres).

New = Old, Old = New


Jan Baetens argues that Chris Ware’s print-based comic book, Jimmy Corrigan, has already produced the revolution longed for by Scott McCloud - a revolution, however, that will not be digitized.

The Revolution of an Anachronism: Radical Hypertextualism in a Text by Renaud Camus


Jan Baetens re-reads a print hypertext by France’s leading gay author, whose work loses something in the actual translation into electronic hypertext.

Fed Ex Un Ltd


Jan Baetens reviews the Raymond Federman Recyclopedia, a book whose humour - and evident bad taste - raise it above its own formidable constraints.

Jan Baetens asks Remediation or Premeditation?


Noting that media are not only proposed to readers but also imposed on customers, Jan Baetens introduces Adorno into the debates on remediation.

A Remediation's Remediation?


Jan Baetens looks ‘through’ and ‘at’ Bolter and Gromala’s Windows and Mirrors and finds a foggy vision.