Jan Van Looy

Jan Van Looy is a postdoctoral fellow at HUMlab, University of Umeå, Sweden. Some of his work can be found on line here, here, here, and here. His research deals with the shaping of narrative in new media, mainly electronic literature and computer games. Together with Jan Baetens, he has edited Close Reading New Media: Analyzing Electronic Literature. In 2006, he presented his PhD dissertation The Promise of Perfection: A Cultural Perspective on the Shaping of Computer Simulation and Games, which he is currently reworking into a book.

Essays by this author

Hope for Empowerment, Fear of Control


Jan van Looy reviews Silvio Gaggi on hypertext fiction up to the early ’90s.

Jan Van Looy responds to Penny


An Internet response to Simon Penny that separates the transfer of gaming skills from ethics.

Dungeons, Dragons & Numerals: Jan Van Looy's Riposte to Erik Mona


Jan Van Looy criticizes Erik Mona’s history of Dungeons & Dragons as overly descriptive, and Van Looy critiques the game’s quantification of the qualitative, i.e., personal characteristics and magic - which were hitherto considered unquantifiable.