Jeremy Douglass

Jeremy Douglass is a PhD candidate in English Literature at the University of California at Santa Barbara. His research focuses on interactive fiction, code, and reader response to textual new media. He is a founder of Writer Response Theory, an academic blog on digital text art, and a developer for numerous projects, including the humanities search engine Voice of the Shuttle.

Essays by this author

Critical Code Studies Conference - Week Two Discussion


In the second installment of a six-week discussion, contributors search for examples of Critical Code Studies β€œin the wild.” Instead of asking how code can be read critically, they examine how code is already being created and disputed by lawyers, programmers, and the general public.

Enlightening Interactive Fiction: Andrew Plotkin's Shade


Jeremy Douglass evaluates Shade within the history of interactive fiction, and considers how light is represented in the code structure of scene descriptions, arguing that β€œ[w]ithout vision there is no agency.”