Jill Walker Rettberg

Jill Walker Rettberg is Professor of Digital Culture at the University of Bergen, and her research centres on how we tell stories online. Her most recent book is Seeing Ourselves Through Technology: How We Use Selfies, Blogs and Wearable Devices to See and Shape Ourselves, published by Palgrave in October 2014 and available both in print and as a free download. Jill has kept a research blog at jilltxt.net for almost 15 years and is @jilltxt on Twitter. She is also the author of Blogging (Polity Press, 2008, 2nd ed 2014) and co-editor of a scholarly anthology of articles on World of Warcraft (MIT Press 2008).

Essays by this author

Visualising Networks of Electronic Literature: Dissertations and the Creative Works They Cite


Jill Walker Rettberg’s Visualizing Networks of Electronic Literature maps the fragmentary and dynamic field of electronic literature by analyzing citations in 44 doctoral dissertations published between 2002 and 2013. Applying “distant reading” strategies to the ELMCIP Knowledge Base, Rettberg identifies key works in the field, shifting genres, and changing approaches to scholarship.