Joe Scrimshaw

Joseph Scrimshaw is a Minneapolis-based writer, actor, and producer. With his brother Joshua, he is one half of the comedy team The Scrimshaw Brothers. The Brothers are staples of the Minnesota Fringe Festival, City Pages' 2002 Artists of the Year, and the creators of the hit cabaret Look Ma No Pants, which helped garner the Bryant Lake Bowl the title of "Best Theater for Comedy" in the City Pages for the last two years. As a solo artist, Joseph is the author of Fringe Fest hits, The Worst Show in the Fringe (which was the #1 best-selling show of the Festival in 2002 and #4 in 2003) and Jack & Ben's 10th Annual Bar Crawl and Moveable Feast; a resident performer of Children's Theater at Old Gem Theater in New Richmond, Wisconsin; and an occasional arts commentator on Minnesota Public Radio's State of the Arts and on 89.3 The Current with Mary Lucia. Joseph has also performed with the Minnesota Shakespeare Company, Bedlam Theater, The Great American History Theater, and the 8th Annual Chicago Improv Festival. Joseph is currently visiting England to research a new one-man show entitled Some Dead Guy in England.

Essays by this author

On Adventures in Mating


Joe Scrimshaw describes his interactive stage drama, which with the exception of the technologies it employs, operates much like the computer-based interactive fiction Facade (discussed elsewhere in this thread). Rather than using code to select the proper reaction to user input as in Facade, the audience of Adventures in Mating votes on the choices the characters make, a la a Choose Your Own Adventure novel.