Katherine Hayles

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Tech-TOC: Complex Temporalities in Living and Technical Beings


Katherine Hayles uses Steve Tomasula’s multimodal TOC for a significant engagement with the temporal processuality of complex technical beings. Drawing on Bergon’s “duration” and its elaboration in recent theories of technicity and consciousness, Hayles explores the complex temporal enfoldings of living and technical beings, showing that Tomasula’s new media novel narrates and materially embodies such assemblages.

Cyber|literature and Multicourses: Rescuing Electronic Literature from Infanticide


In response to Nick Montfort’s review of Cybertext, N. Katherine Hayles coins an alternative term, Cyber|literature.

What Cybertext Theory Can't Do


A reluctant response to Markku Eskelinen.

Engineering Cyborg Ideology


N. Katherine Hayles discusses what happens when postmodern writers theorize in a void.

N. Katherine Hayles responds


The “cognitive entailments” of a reader, or “interactor,” are where Katherine Hayles redirects the new aesthetics of electronic textuality.

Metaphoric Networks in Lexia to Perplexia


Reading subjectivity into the software interface, N. Katherine Hayles offers a compelling case for computational authorship.

N. Katherine Hayles responds in turn


A response that bridges things, as metaphors do.

Metaphoric Networks in Lexia to Perplexia (sidebar)


Sidebar images from “Metaphoric Networks in Lexia to Perplexia.”

Visiting Wonderland


Katherine Hayles responds to Diana Lobb.