Kim Newman

Kim Newman is an author and critic. His novels include The Night Mayor, Anno Dracula, The Quorum, and Life's Lottery. His non-fiction books include Nightmare Movies, Apocalypse Movies, The BFI Companion to Horror, and monographs for the BFI on the film Cat People and the TV series Doctor Who. He is a contributing editor to the magazines Sight & Sound and Empire, and writes regularly for many periodicals, including Video Watchdog and Shivers. He broadcasts regularly, has written documentaries for radio and television, directed a short film, and worked in the theatre and cabaret. As "Jack Yeovil," he has written a run of novels that tie in with role-playing games for Games Workshop.

Essays by this author

On Life's Lottery


Kim Newman describes various methods of approaching his choose-your-own-adventure-style novel, which can be read or played because, like a role-playing game, “you are at once a reader and the main character.”