Laura Shackelford

Laura Shackelford is Assistant Professor of English at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Her book, Tactics of the Human: Experimental Technics in American Fiction (forthcoming from the University of Michigan Press in 2013), examines systems thinking in fiction published in the 1990s as it renegotiates and reorients emergent digital and existing print technics to feminist and new materialist ends.

Essays by this author

Reading Topographies of Post-Postmodernism: Review of Post-Postmodernism or, The Cultural Logic of Just-in-Time Capitalism by Jeffrey T. Nealon


In this essay, Laura Shackelford reviews Jeffrey T. Nealon’s “Post-Postmodernism.” Not merely an historical supplement to Fredric Jameson’s “Postmodernism,” but an attempt to devise a new critical method appropriate to our “just-in-time” present, Shacklford discusses its implications for literary practice in the 21st Century.