Mark Amerika

Mark Amerika is the founder of the Alt-X Literary Organization and publisher of ebr.

Essays by this author

Postcinematic Writing


Adrian Miles (09/19/1960 — 02/05/2018) was an early theorist, practioner and teacher of cinematic hypertext and networked, “writerly” video. In memory of his innovative research in these fields, ebr presents this short dialogue between Adrian and founding ebr publisher Mark Amerika. The text is republished from META/DATA: A Digital Poetics, by Mark Amerika, with permission from The MIT Press.   


New ebr Interface (2)


publisher Mark Amerika’s reaction to Burdick’s proposal for ebr3.0…

Network Voices


Fifteen artists working along the blurry boundary of music, sound, and noise launch Alt-X Audio. curator: Mark Amerika.

On Netscape, Virtual Slaves, and Making Moolah


Mark Amerika goes public, and reveals speculative fiction and market speculations to be one and the same.

Readability, Web Publishing, and ebr: A Riposte to Eye Magazine


In a letter to Eye magazine, ebr’s editor, publisher, and designer respond to criticism of the website’s appearance

Notes From the Digital Overground


Mark Amerika on establishing an electronic publishing network in the no-man’s land between the commercial, the academic, and the underground.

The Sounds of the Artificial Intelligentsia


As I thread my way through ebr, I touch base with the artificial intelligentsia that my work circulates in. The artificial intelligentsia is an internetworked intelligence that consists of all the linked data being distributed in cyberspace at any given time, one that is powered by artistic- intellectual agents remixing the flow of contemporary thought.