R. M. Berry

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Review of Making Literature Now by Amy Hungerford


Berry, who with ebr editor Joseph Tabbi initiated the Fictions Present thread (circa 2006), finds few intersections of that project with Hungerford’s celebrated Making Literature Now, not least because Hungerford shows little interest in the question of how her titular concept, when applied to commercial and cultural productions, indie and alt endeavors, “manages to mean what those trying to make literature are trying to make.” 


Not Pessimistic Enough


Reflections on Creative Writing as potentially part of the tradition of the avant garde.

The Present of Fiction


Recent fiction by Curtis White, Alex Shakar, Michael Martone, and others read through the lens of Gertrude Stein and Wittgenstein.

The Avant-Garde and the Question of Literature


Ralph Berry on Avant-Garde fiction and the future of the page.

Is There a Language Problem?


R.M. Berry on the recuperation of politicized language, in (and through) the fiction of Marianne Hauser and Lidia Yuknavitch.

And Furthermore...


R M Berry Replies to Joseph Tabbi

R. M. Berry's Riposte to Brian Lennon and Loren Glass


R.M. Berry responds to Brian Lennon and Loren Glass by noting the crucial differences between the various forms of institutionalization that are endemic (or should be considered so) to their conversations on “The System.”