Rebecca Borgstrom

Rebecca Borgstrom is a writer living in the Seattle area. She is an abuse survivor. She has been writing role-playing game material professionally since approximately 1998. She received her doctorate in computer science from the Johns Hopkins University in 2001 after completing requirements in September 2000. Writing credits include the role-playing game Nobilis, the bulk of the forthcoming role-playing game Weapons of the Gods, and substantial work for various game lines including White Wolf's Exalted. She currently publishes Hitherby Dragons, a serial fiction anthology in blog form updated five to six times a week.

Essays by this author

Structure and Meaning in Role-Playing Game Design


Using Exalted as her text, Rebecca Borgstrom begins with the premises that every role-playing game requires a setting, and that to establish a fictional world players work within a mutually agreed upon structure to construct meaning.