Rob Wittig

In the early 1980s, Rob Wittig cofounded IN.S.OMNIA, a literary electronic bulletin board system deemed "legendary" by cyber-chronicler Howard Rheingold. His book, Invisible Rendezvous: Connection and Collaboration in the New Landscape of Electronic Writing (Wesleyan University Press, 1994), is an analysis of these spirited projects.

Essays by this author

Pasts and Futures of Netprov


In Pasts and Futures of Netprov, Rob Wittig articlates a theory for Networked Improv Narratives, or “Netprovs.” Wittig, an innovator in this novel form, situates netprov at the interesection of literature, drama, mass media, games, and new media. Transcribed from a presentation given at the Electronic Literature Organization conference in Morgantown, WV, Wittig explores a number of antecedents to the form, documents current exemplars of this practice, and invites readers to create their own networked improvisations.

A Place For Human Hands On the Keyboard


Rob Wittig, since composing this response, has been serving as the “street barker” who announces the appearance of new ebr content.

Tattoo it in Skin: A Literary Prediction


RVV Rob Wittig, Scriptor, fast forwards to a future when teenagers in neo-nikes and neo-soccer jerseys recreate ye olden days of the True Hip Hop Troubadour, circa Y2K.

Justin Hall and the Birth of the 'Blogs


Rob Wittig looks at one of the earliest “Weblogs,” and finds there a persisting model for serial e-fiction and an interaction no less compelling than the literary correspondence between Henry Miller and Anais Nin.

&Now Conference Review


Late Breaking: William Gillespie, Scott Rettberg, and Rob Wittig post from Notre Dame University on the &Now festival of writers and writing.