Roderick Coover

Roderick Coover's works include combinatory films such as Three Rails Live and Toxi•City, video installations such as the Catastrophe Trilogy and The Theory of Time Here, animated panoramas such as Something that Happened Only Once, and various documentary projects including the filmsVerite to Virtual and The Language of Wine and the interactive CD-ROM, Cultures in Webs. His works in print include the edited book Switching Codes: Thinking Through Digital Technology in the Humanities and Arts (Chicago), and numerous essays. His work has been featured in venues such as the Pompidou, Centre De Cultura Contemporanea, Barcelona, SIGGRAPH and i-DOCs. Coover's works are distributed through the Video Data Bank, Eastgate Systems, Documentary Educational Resources, the University of Chicago Press and other outlets, and they are reviewed across diverse venues from Art Papers to American Anthropologist. Coover is the recipient of Whiting, Fulbright, LEF and Mellon awards and his works, and he was listed as a creative capital artist to watch in 2012. He is tenured faculty at in the department of film and media arts at Temple University and received his degrees from the University of Chicago, Brown University and Cornell University.

Essays by this author

Roderick Coover, Larry McCaffery, Lance Newman and Hikmet Loe: A Dialogue about the Desert.


Roderick Coover, Larry McCaffery, Lance Newman and Hikmet Loe explore the question of how desert ecologies are shaped through creative expression and actions. They consider, among others, how works by Edward Abbey, Robert Smithson and William T. Vollmann offer models for engaging ecological questions through writing and art.