Rone Shavers

Rone Shavers is Assistant Professor of English at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY where he teaches courses in creative writing and contemporary literature. His collaborative critical projects include Paper Empire: William Gaddis and the World System (University of Alabama Press), with Joseph Tabbi; and a special issue devoted to the emergent literary genre known as "Afro-Futurism" for the journal Science Fiction Studies, with Mark Bould. At present, he is co-editing, with Eric Dean Rasmussen, a collection of critical essays on and around American Genius: A Comedy, by novelist Lynne Tillman.

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Rone Shavers argues that making readers aware of subjugation - the strategy of Harold Jaffe’s False Positive - exposes little and hardly changes our relation to power.

Lydia Davis Interviews Lynne Tillman


Two innovative contemporary writers discuss the relationship between encyclopedic narrative and notions of gender and writing, the body as the physical embodiment of memory, and the unique syntax of Tillman’s American Genius, a Comedy. The novel’s prose depicts the way “thought, when you’re not thinking, happens.”