Steffen Hantke

Steffen Hantke has published essays and reviews on contemporary literature, film, and culture in journals and anthologies in Germany and the U.S. He is author of Conspiracy and Paranoia in Contemporary Literature (1994), as well as editor of Horror, a special topics issue of Paradoxa (2002), Horror: Creating and Marketing Fear (2004), Caligari's Heirs: The German Cinema of Fear after 1945 (2007), and, together with Rudolphus Teeuwen, Gypsy Scholars, Migrant Teachers, and the Global Academic Proletariat: Adjunct Labor in Higher Education (Rodopi 2007). He teaches at Sogang University in Seoul, Korea, in the American Culture Program.

Essays by this author

Talking Back to the Owners of the World


Steffen Hantke on Tom LeClair’s and Richard Powers’s novelistic imaginations of terror.

Lessons in Latent History


Steffen Hantke presents an archeology of Don DeLillo’s Underworld.

Slow, Spare, and Painful


Steffen Hantke reviews the reviewers of Don DeLillo’s Body Artist, dispelling the notion that, after Underworld, the shorter book is necessarily a slighter one.

McElroy's Metropolitan Constructions


Shells, Tents, Slaps, Shocks: Steffen Hantke works slowly, from within, to get at McElroy’s nonlinear narrative.

Tom LeClair's Passing Trilogy: Recovering Adventure in the Age of Post-Genre


Surveying the decline of adventure as a culturally relevant theme, Steffen Hantke argues that Tom LeClair’s Passing Trilogy finds new ways of revalidating adventure for a millennial world of bourgeois security and moderation.