Stephanie Strickland

Stephanie Strickland is a print and hypermedia poet whose most recent collaborative digital poem, slippingglimpse, was introduced at e-Poetry 2007 in Paris in May. Her essays about electronic literature appear also in Leonardo Electronic Almanac and volumes from MIT Press and Intellect Press (England). A director of the Electronic Literature Organization, she co-edited the first (2006) volume of the Electronic Literature Collection.

Essays by this author

Futures of Electronic Literature


E-lit authors Stephanie Strickland and Marjorie Luesebrink organized a panel on the “Future of E–Lit” at the ELO 2012 conference, allowing emerging and early career authors to articulate institutional and economic, as well more familiar technological, developments that constrain and facilitate current practice. The panel papers were released in ebr in March 2014. Luesebrink and Strickland followed up with comments on the papers, offering a “progress report” on the future of the field. The individual responses are available as glosses on the essays and in full here.

Dali Clocks: Time Dimensions of Hypermedia


Stephanie Strickland investigates an epistemological shift in web-specific art and literature, from an understanding that is less about structure and more about resonance.

To Be Both in Touch and in Control


Stephanie Strickland unravels the crochet of categorizations used to contain data, and explores the texture and topography of a hypertext poetics.

Poetry in the Electronic Environment


Stephanie Strickland on the translation of poetry from print to screen.

Seven League Boots: Poetry, Science, Hypertext


Stephanie Strickland asks how a poetics of hypertext can structure encounters with the world that are as resonant and co-participatory as quantum models.

Moving Through Me as I Move


Techno-poet Stephanie Strickland surveys the digital artistic practices of her peers and presents a “paradigm for interaction.”

Stephanie Strickland responds in turn


Stephanie Strickland makes marks an intervention across the “I.”

Stephanie Strickland's response


Stephanie Strickland calibrates n0time.

Dovetailing Details Fly Apart - All Over, Again, In Code, In Poetry, In Chreods (with an Introduction by Joseph Tabbi)


With an introduction by Joseph Tabbi, this collaborative essay by Strickland and Lawson Jaramillo carries the debate into the analysis of specific poems and poetic practices, both written and spoken, graphic and sonic, alphabetically and digitally coded.