Stephen J. Burn

Stephen Burn is currently writing a book about the American novel and neuroscience. He is the author of earlier books about Jonathan Franzen and David Foster Wallace, and co-editor of a book about Richard Powers. He is an associate professor of English at Northern Michigan University.

Essays by this author

Anatomizing the Language of Love: An Interview with Lee Siegel


Stephen J. Burn interviews fiction writer Lee Siegel.

Parasitic Fiction


Stephen Burn considers Tom LeClair’s recent novel through the lens of the latter’s own critical work on postmodern fiction, while also excavating the novel’s relation to Faulkner’s tale of racial empire building, Absalom, Absalom!

Fictions of the Visual Cortex


Stephen Burn connects Don DeLillo’s fifteenth novel, Point Omega, with the author’s long-running investigation into the structures of the mind. Using an elusive narrative architecture, images from a slowed-down film, and moments of second- and third-order observation, the novel dramatizes the mind’s pre-conscious fiction-making processes.