William Smith Wilson

Wiliam Smith Wilson is the author of the short story collection, Why I Don't Write Like Franz Kafka. His letter-essays have circulated widely in many media and are being gathered, in the coming months, for the ebr 'end construction' thread. Currently Wilson is completing a book on Ray Johnson.

Essays by this author

A Nice Derangement of Epigraphs


William S. Wilson, author of the story collection, Why I Don’t Write Like Franz Kafka, audited the discussions on the new ebr Interface and posted a series of letters (backchannel), under the header, Why I Don’t End Construction. His reasons have to do with audience building.

Joseph McElroy: fathoming the field


Toward a definition of a postmodern genre: the field-novel.

The End of Exemptions for Beauty


The WTC attack considered as a conflict between open and closed systems, a one-system people and a many-system people.

Capitalist Construction


Against the conflation of Islamic and economic fundamentalisms (William S. Wilson responds to Nick Spenser).

Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri: Irreducible Innovation


William Smith Wilson injects the transcendentals of aesthetic illusions into Hardt and Negri’s immanent materialism.

The Exemptions of Beauty


William Smith Wilson builds on his earlier ebr essay, “The End of Exemptions of Beauty,” with this companion piece.