William Smith Wilson

Wiliam Smith Wilson is the author of the short story collection, Why I Don't Write Like Franz Kafka. His letter-essays have circulated widely in many media and are being gathered, in the coming months, for the ebr 'end construction' thread. Currently Wilson is completing a book on Ray Johnson.

The Exemptions of Beauty


William Smith Wilson builds on his earlier ebr essay, “The End of Exemptions of Beauty,” with this companion piece.

A Nice Derangement of Epigraphs


William S. Wilson, author of the story collection, Why I Don’t Write Like Franz Kafka, audited the discussions on the new ebr Interface and posted a series of letters (backchannel), under the header, Why I Don’t End Construction. His reasons have to do with audience building.

Joseph McElroy: fathoming the field


Toward a definition of a postmodern genre: the field-novel.

The End of Exemptions for Beauty


The WTC attack considered as a conflict between open and closed systems, a one-system people and a many-system people.

Capitalist Construction


Against the conflation of Islamic and economic fundamentalisms (William S. Wilson responds to Nick Spenser).

Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri: Irreducible Innovation


William Smith Wilson injects the transcendentals of aesthetic illusions into Hardt and Negri’s immanent materialism.