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Editor notifications

Move from a system where we send email prompts when an essay moves state to a system where there are periodic "digest" reminders, perhaps a weekly statement saying "You have these essays to attend to <...>." The idea is that the prompting emails are useful in the moment but don't help to get people to check in over the long term. The email would be sent according to roles - so editorial core would get a digest email with certain things, thread editors would get a different digest, and so on.

Managing Workflow

The explicit separation of workflow categories has a number of drawbacks--namely, its difficult to keep track of articles that move between a range of categories, and the distinctions are not necessarily intuitive. Potential solutions include sending out an email prompt every time work is done for an article (every time an article advances into a further category).

Reviewers accessing their own comments

As the p2p process is currently set up, reviewers are (at points) unable to view/access their own comments. Immediately after reviewers 'save' their comments, those comments are not visible because they are pending approval. Once approved, those comments are again visible to reviewers. But reviewers who want to alter their comments before they are made public do not have that opportunity. One solution to the issue that was mentioned was eliminating the approval process, though the approval process is useful for reducing spam.

size of text

Can the size of the text be increased for increased visibility?

search results contain abbreviated text

On current search results, the text under the links are not the blurbs, but an abbreviated version of the first few lines. These should be the blurbs when possible, and these should be visible in full. Joe: "readers of the journal, wherever they are or whatever they are doing, should be reading, without interruption."

blurb writing

Joe would like for us to tweak the blurb-writing process. I am noting that here but making the suggested changes on the editorial FAQ.

knowing whether a short title has been taken already or not

I'm not sure whether it matters anymore, but on the old version of the site, you were not allowed to assign essays a short title that had already been used before, and the system let you know (can't remember exactly how) if you were picking one that had already been used. On the current site, when you are adding essays, there's no way to know whether a short title has been used before. EDIT; The instructions underneath this field should also be rewritten so that they are crystal clear to the thread editor what exactly a short title should entail.

Tweaks to Essay Announcements

Joe suggested that the automated announcement of new essays be tweaked: -It should include login info. -It should direct you to the login page first, and then, once you are logged in, you should be redirected automatically to the essay itself. As it is now, if you click on the link in the announcement itself, and you are not logged in, you can get an access denied page.

Title tag will not allow italic

Currently the title field for an essay will not accept any tags (as far as I can tell), even though the help text indicates that it is supposed to. I tried using the <i> tag to italicize an book title but the tag just appeared as text in title. I think it would be a simple but useful design feature to be able to have italics in the title.

add 'ebr-contact@listserv.wvu.edu' to the home page by the creative commons license

Please add 'ebr-contact@listserv.wvu.edu' to the home page by the creative commons license.