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There is currently no way to create an em dash in drupal.

I ran into an issue recently where an author wanted some soft emphasis in her essay changed to hard emphasis with em dashes. This was throughout most of the essay, and I had to copy and paste em dashes from Microsoft Word.

addition to author page

On the author pages, please change "EBR Essays by X" to "Essays by X."

Need for a "submitted" state

Currently, the first workflow state is "solicited." This allows editors to create a stub or placemarker for the eventual essay. The next state is "markup," where we would mark up an actual submission.

no need for "draft" state

Currently, an essay is marked up and then moved to "draft." It is unclear what tasks are performed at this state before it is moved to "under review." We agree that it might be that a thread editor wants to check for errors in markup before sending it out for review, but that was the only task we could agree on. Otherwise, the state seems redundant. Solution: eliminate draft, move all existing "draft" essays to "review." For the future, essays are saved as "under review" once markup is complete.

titles are no different from other text in footnotes on old essays

Footnotes are in italics now, so, on old essays, titles do not appear any different from the rest of the text in the footnotes. Is there a way to fix this automatically?

Metadata Issues (author names)

NOTE FROM RYAN: AT LEAST IN THE CASE OF MM'S ESSAY, THIS WASN'T A TECHNICAL GLITCH; THE ESSAY JUST DIDN'T GET THE FULL TREATMENT BECAUSE THE TRANSITION WAS HAPPENING. POSSIBLY THIS ISSUE CAN BE DECLARED CLOSED, THOUGH THE AUTHOR OF THE NOTE SHOULD SAY FOR SURE I GUESS. It seems like some of the metadata may have been lost in the process of moving from one location to another. I don't think this is a glitch, but I think the issue is that some of the files that were under review on the old website are published on this website.

missing gloss

In the version of this essay -- http://www.electronicbookreview.com/thread/firstperson/generational -- on the new interface, Ben Underwood's gloss is missing; instead there are two versions of the Harrell gloss. This is especially problematic because the Harrell gloss refers to the Underwood gloss. I wonder if this speaks to some deeper problem? NOTE: BOTH GLOSSES ARE MISSING NOW.

delete enfoldings thread

Please delete the enfoldings thread.

error message when adding texts to be solicited

STILL WORKING - RYAN Ryan, could you test this again? Thanks. --eb WORKING. THANKS.