Editor's gathering for thread writing under constraint

Gathering: Editor's gathering for thread writing under constraint

The count-down is complete; the line has served its time. In this spirit of millennial closure, the Winter 1999/2000 issue of ebr will be the last written under the constraint of periodical publication.

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The Present of Fiction


Recent fiction by Curtis White, Alex Shakar, Michael Martone, and others read through the lens of Gertrude Stein and Wittgenstein.

Notable American Prose


Ted Pelton reviews Ben Marcus’s novel that’s not one.

An Inter(e)view with Ben Marcus


Stacey Levine on the occasion of Dalkey Archive’s reprinting of The Age of Wire and String

Tomorrow Ltd.


Thoughts on the debut novel by Alex Shakar.

Writing Under Constraint


ebr10, a satisfyingly even number published at the turn of the millennium, seemed at the time like the right occasion for calling an end to issues altogether. In the event, we would not manage to eliminate issues until February 2002 - that palindromic month and year, as satisfying in its way as the y2k.