Editor's gathering for thread internet nation

Gathering: Editor's gathering for thread internet nation

Postmodern politics (against the capitalist culture of postmodernity) after bosnia, kosovo, the 2001 U.S. election, 9/11, the 2004 expansion of the EU….

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One or Many Gombrowicz’s?


On twentieth-century Poland’s leading author.

America: The Usable Cliché


Sue Im-Lee reviews Reciting America by Christopher Douglas.

Outcast Narrative


Reflections on the abject in the new world order.

At the Moment I Became a Global Dictator


A media parable by Novica Milic.

Epic Ecologies


Marjorie Perloff reviews Franco Moretti’s Modern Epic: The World-System from Goethe to Garcia Marquez.

Epic Ecologies (II)


Franco Moretti responds to the review of his Modern Epic by Marjorie Perloff.

Attacked from Within


In the triad of Verso pamphlets on 9/11, Nick Spencer sees a convergence of postmodern critique (against the capitalist culture of postmodernity).

The End of Exemptions for Beauty


The WTC attack considered as a conflict between open and closed systems, a one-system people and a many-system people.

The Runoff: A Simple Electoral Reform


Every crank has an idea. Every American is a crank. Philip Wohlstetter is an American, therefore - well, you get the idea.