Editor's gathering for thread technocapitalism

Gathering: Editor's gathering for thread technocapitalism

Recalling that Donna Haraway’s Cyborg was never meant to be a wired, blissed-out bunny, Marc Bousquet and Katherine Wills recover the political dimension in socialist-feminist thought. Their five-volume edited series, “The Politics of Information,” brings class back into cultural studies, considers the Web as crucial to the expanding ‘informatics of domination,’ and recovers the cyborg as a key figure for an entire world of labor and lifeways.

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Beyond the Voting Machine


Marc Bousquet introduces a forthcoming Altx critical e-book, hosted online by ebr, appearing in five sections through the Fall of 2003. A new ebr thread, Technocapitalism, is built around its concerns.

Electronic Pies in the Poetry Skies


Charles Bernstein’s reflections on populism, democracy, and authority in the turbulent waters of web discussion groups and other new Internet sites.

The Selling of E-The People


Bennett Voyles’ retrospective on the apolitical Nineties, and the fate of democratic electronic activism without content.

Delete the Border!


A first-person narrative of Hactivism, Performance, and growing up at the U.S./Mexico Border from Fran Ilich.

Illegal Knowledge: Strategies for New Media Activism


A discussion of net.activism, net.tactics, and strategy featuring Bruce Simon, Geert Lovink, Chris Carter, and Ricardo Dominguez.

Histories of the Future


Steve Shaviro reviews Tomorrow Now by Bruce Sterling, a book that (for an eminent cyberpunk novelist) is perhaps too sane and sensible.

Resisting the Interview


Katherine Wills’ anti-interview with Mark Amerika about Internet art.

The Informatics of Higher Education (4 of 5)


In The Politics of Information, v.4, Bousquet, Wills, and Co bring their critique home to Higher Education.

Michael Milken and the Corporate Raid on Education


Junk bond swami Michael Milken jumped out of prison a few years ago and into for-profit education. Ken Saltman submits Milken’s latest venture to the light of day.

The Information University


Marc Bousquet discusses university labor delivered in “the mode of information.”

From Utopianism to Weak Messianism: Electronic Culture’s Spectral Moment


Stephanie Tripp addresses Spectres of Marx, the text featuring some of Derrida?s most detailed encounters with both historical materialism and information technology.