The Sounds of the Artificial Intelligentsia

Gathering: The Sounds of the Artificial Intelligentsia

As I thread my way through ebr, I touch base with the artificial intelligentsia that my work circulates in. The artificial intelligentsia is an internetworked intelligence that consists of all the linked data being distributed in cyberspace at any given time, one that is powered by artistic- intellectual agents remixing the flow of contemporary thought.

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Litmixer: The Literary Remediator


With his software groovebox, Trace Reddell applies the tools and strategies of the DJ to the performance of literary interpretation and critical speculation.

When You Can't Believe Your Eyes: Voice, Vision, and the Prosthetic Subject in Dancer in the Dark


Cary Wolfe investigates why the reviewers were so rattled by the Lars von Trier film, and in the process puts Jacques Derrida, Stanley Cavell, Slavoj Zizek, and Judith Butler into conversation.

An Autopoietic Writing Machine?


Joseph Tabbi responds to posts from the journal design editor and publisher, using terms derived from an essay he was editing at the time. The audience database mentioned here was implemented for ebr11, wEBaRts, and further developed for the launch of End Construction! (Feb 2002)

In My Own Recognizance


Ronald Sukenick on Extreme Fiction.

Textual Events (3 of 5)


How to commodify “intellectual property” when the object, a text, is made of other texts, and each reading is a re-writing? The Politics of Information, Part 3, considers the identity of event and machine.