Tag: cultural studies

Communities of Play: The Social Construction of Identity in Persistent Online Game Worlds


Celia Pearce applies the logics of identity politics, diaspora studies, and cultural studies to an online gaming community.

Jesper Juul's response


Jesper Juul suspects that things will remain unruly: big-budget, “cinematic” games will nose out experimental ones.

Mary Flanagan’s response (excerpt)


A recommendation for participatory, interdisciplinary articulations of action and perception from Mary Flanagan.

sokal text: another funny thing happened on the way to the forum


Joe Amato on the Social Text controversy.

Resistance Through Hypertext: ACTing UP in the Electronic Classroom


Laura Sullivan and her students explore webwriting
and content provision as activist tools.

The Cybernetic Turn: Literary into Cultural Criticism


Joseph Tabbi reviews the essay collection Simulacrum America.