Tag: drama

Jon McKenzie's response (excerpt)


An appreciative reply that measures the incline of Henry Jenkins’ middle ground.

Richard Schechner's response (excerpt)


Richard Schechner remembers the real-life side of interaction.

A Preliminary Poetics


The builder of Façade, an “interactive story world,” Michael Mateas offers both a poetics and a neo-Aristotelian project (for interactive drama and games).

Bryan Loyall's response (excerpt)


Bryan Loyall cites expertly paced penguins in this response to Janet Murray.

Fretting the Player Character


Nick Montfort argues that the contentious notion of the “player character” usefully constrains and makes possible the player’s interaction with the gameworld. He considers the possibility that in interactive fiction one plays the character (like an actor plays a role) rather than playing the game.

Notes Toward a More Pervasive Cyberdramaturgy


Jane McGonigal goes mobile with a “transformational agenda” shift for Cyberdrama.

Mark Bernstein and Diane Greco respond in turn


Mark Bernstein and Diane Greco address “the utility question.”

Videogames of the Oppressed


Gonzalo Frasca’s proposal for videogames that address “critical thinking, education, tolerance, and other trivial issues.”

Chris Crawford's response (excerpt)


Chris Crawford adduces the algorithms of games against dramatic conventions.