Tag: eco-criticism

Water on Us


Excerpted from a forthcoming nonfiction book on water, Joseph McElroy’s essay ponders (among other questions) the relationship between the physical waters of the world and brain and the phenomenal waters of the mind. “I meant to ask, ‘What has water to say on the subject of us?” - i.e., on its own without prompting? Dumb question, it tells me.”

Framed: The Machine in/as the Garden


Timothy Morton offers a critical reading of Roderick Coover’s video Canyonlands: Edward Abbey and the Defense of Wilderness. In the video’s stark modernist form, Morton writes, “the hydroelectric engine of human progress still hums.” What’s needed now, he suggests, is a “Goth remix.”

Further Notes From the Prison-House of Language


Linda Brigham works through Embodying Technesis by Mark Hansen.