Tag: hypermedia

COLLEX: semantic collections & exhibits for the remixable web


Bethany Nowviskie of the University of Virginia introduces the COLLEX tool, a “COLL-ection” and “EX-hibition” of online images and interlinked texts. Nowviskie’s white paper is the first essay to be “wrapped” into the ebr interface. That is, the essay has itelf been collected, tagged, and interlinked with the essays in ebr. This way, the essay is not just about the development of a semantic network - it is part of one.

NINES: a federated model for integrating digital scholarship


NINES is an initiative at the University of Virginia to “establish a coordinated network of peer-reviewed content and tools.” We present the project here because it’s consistent with the initiative at ebr to create a peer-to-peer literary network for conceptual writing.

The Way We Live Now, What is to be Done?


Jerome McGann addresses the so-called “Crisis in the Humanities” in the context of two of its most apparent symptoms: the digital transformation of our museums and archives, and the explicitly parallel “Crisis in Tenure and Publishing” that has more recently come to attention.

Card Shark and Thespis


Eastgate Systems alumns Diane Greco and Mark Bernstein explain two “exotic tools for hypertext narrative.”

To Be Both in Touch and in Control


Stephanie Strickland unravels the crochet of categorizations used to contain data, and explores the texture and topography of a hypertext poetics.