Tag: narrative

Revolution 2: An Interview with Mark Z. Danielewski


Kiki Benzon and Mark Z. Danielewski discuss his 2006 book Only Revolutions at the International Festival of Authors in Toronto.

Narrative Structure and Creative Tension in Call of Cthulhu


Kenneth Hite argues that the long-running, H.P. Lovecraft-inspired Call of Cthulhu franchise differs from traditional tabletop role-playing in its focus on suspense rather than character growth. Hite’s analysis suggests that in its origins and emphasis on narrative structure Cthulhu is a highly literary game.

The Flights of A821: dearchiving the proceedings of a birdsong


Marta Werner uncages Emily Dickinson’s fragments.

Joseph McElroy's Cyborg Plus


Salvatore Proietti straddles science and fiction to offer an interpretation of a McElroy Cyborg.

Form and Emotion


Author Lucy Corin opposes the emotionalism of genre fiction to the deeply emotional formalism in the fiction of Harold Jaffe, Patricia Eakins, and Janet Kauffman.

How I Was Played by Online Caroline


Jill Walker’s encounter with a participatory, and vaguely sinister, online narrative.

Ken Perlin's response


Ken Perlin finds hypertext templates useful as they are used, not in tool form.

Narrative, Interactivity, Play, and Games


Eric Zimmerman whips “four naughty concepts” into disciplinary shape.

Eric Zimmerman responds in turn


A reply from game designer Eric Zimmerman that is receptive to multiple viewpoints, non-design or otherwise.

Brenda Laurel responds (excerpt)


The importance of consequences plots Brenda Laurel’s response to Michael Mateas.