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Can the Web Save the Book? A Reply to Curtis White's The Latest Word


Hans Kristian Rustad sympathizes with Curtis White’s “latest word.” White diagnoses a crisis in contemporary literature in the “Amazonian” monolith dominating the online book industry. Still, Rustad questions White’s lack of attention to electronic literature. For Rustad, elit may “save literature from market-oriented book houses that evaluate books by potential profits.”

New Media: Its Utility and Liability for Literature and for Life


This formulation by Joseph Tabbi is being reprinted with permission from the University of Minnesota Press’s remixthebook. The original online version can be found here: http://www.remixthebook.com/new-media-its-utility-and-liability-for-lite…

Adrian Miles responds to Hypertexts and Interactives


Adrian Miles on themes of print vs. digital, engagement vs. immersion, easy vs. difficult, and affect vs. effect, as they appear in section five of First Person.

The Code is not the Text (unless it is the Text)


An argument against the collapse of categories by an author who has, yes, himself perpetrated a few codeworks.

Janet Murray's response


Janet Murray unriddles the verbal and procedural mix of Interactive Fiction.

A User's Guide to the New Millennium


Over 800 pages, the New Media Reader does not exhaust its subject; it even sets the stage for a companion volume.

Forgetting Media Studies: Anthologies, Archives, Anachrony


Through a close formal analysis of two new critical collections, Paul Benzon ponders the state of media studies as field. Exploring the material and temporal paradoxes of anthologizing new media and posthumanism, he argues that “each of these texts takes shape, succeeds, and fails under the pressures and possibilities posed by the scalar demands of information.”

First Person: Introduction


Pat Harrigan and Noah Wardrip-Fruin introduce First Person, an interactive, multi-player collaboration between ebr and the MIT Press.

Bill Seaman responds in turn


Body politics and mouse use scroll through the scene.

Resisting the Interview


Katherine Wills’ anti-interview with Mark Amerika about Internet art.