Tag: Raymond Federman

Fed Ex Un Ltd


Jan Baetens reviews the Raymond Federman Recyclopedia, a book whose humour - and evident bad taste - raise it above its own formidable constraints.

What Remains in Liam's Going


Pattern, absence, routine, return - Dave Ciccoricco mulls the shape(s) in Michael Joyce’s new paper novel, Liam’s Going

Notable American Prose


Ted Pelton reviews Ben Marcus’s novel that’s not one.

New = Old, Old = New


Jan Baetens argues that Chris Ware’s print-based comic book, Jimmy Corrigan, has already produced the revolution longed for by Scott McCloud - a revolution, however, that will not be digitized.

A Disorganized Multilingual A to Z Poem


noise poem: Raymond Federman. audio recording and production: Eric Dean Rasmussen and Shaun Sandor