Tag: thoreau

The Rose of Wandering


Dragica Felja on the Peripatetic Poetry of Miroslav Mandic.

Wild Ambitions


David Cassuto reviews Wild Ideas, a collection of ecocritical essays.

Notes From the Digital Overground


Mark Amerika on establishing an electronic publishing network in the no-man’s land between the commercial, the academic, and the underground.

Canadian Jeremiad


Andrew McMurry reviews John Livingstone’s Rogue Primate: An exploration of human domestication.

"Thorowly" American: Susan Howe's Guide to Orienteering in the Adirondacks


Elisabeth Joyce reads Howe as a postfeminist Thoreau facing the dilemma that ‘to inhabit a wilderness is to destroy it.’

Consilience Revisited


Laura Dassow Walls reconsiders Consilience and finds E. O. Wilson to be more Christian in outlook than the Reverend William Whewell, who originated the term, ‘consilience’