Recollection in Process


There has never been a ‘Best of the electronic book review’ or a print collection. After ten full years of online publication, ebr has devised other ways of marking time, using techniques available in the same electronic media where the work first appeared. Here the editor presents an initial ‘Gathering’ of ebr essays, pulled from each of the journal’s threads to date.

9/11 Never Happened, President Bush Wouldn't Let It: Bob Dylan Replies to Henri Bergson


From event to non-event. Frank Seeburger deconstructs 9/11.

Sublime Frequencies' Ethnopsychedelic Montages


Marcus Boon explores the healing of traditional music.

Sonic Contents: Why I Let the Litmixer Die and Other Stories


Trace Reddell introduces Sonic Contents.

Critical Ecologies: Ten Years Later


Andrew McMurry looks back on ten years of ecocriticism and identifies
a “new physiocracy,” whose exclusive interest in technology is no better than the exclusive valuation of property that typified physiocrats of the Nineteenth-Century.

Fictions Present


Joseph Tabbi introduces the thread and gathers prior essays by fiction writers on fiction writing.

Finding Holes in the Whole


Jacob Edmond reviews Brian McHale’s The Obligation toward the Difficult Whole.

Notes from the Middleground: On Ben Marcus, Jonathan Franzen, and the Contemporary Fiction Combine


Davis Schneiderman revisits the non-debate between Jonathan Franzen and Ben Marcus, touches on recent flare-ups in the American Book Review and the NOW WHAT blog, and reflects on the economy of book jacket blurbs.

Global Politics and the Feminist Question


Ara Wilson writes a riposte on the gathering of “waves” essays; she points out that global feminist politics provides a necessary perspective on debates about the current state of feminism.

The Importance of Being Narratological


Dave Ciccoricco responds to Luc Herman and Bart Vervaeck.