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“The dead must be killed once again”: Plagiotropia as Critical Literary Practice


Rui Torres tracks the practice of intertextual borrowing or “plagiotropia” between the works of Portuguese experimental poets. Plagiotropia is a tangible and fecund practice in digital poetry, where poetic texts migrate and grow across media. Torres’ arguments culminate in an examination of his own online combinatory cyber-poetry, which creatively re-writes earlier pre-digital experimental works.

Great Excavations


Ted Pelton views Robert Creeley’s image/text collaborations in Buffalo, NY.

Literal Art


John Cayley dadas up the digital, revealing similarities of type across two normally separate, unequal categories: image and text. “Neither lines nor pixels but letters,” finally, unite.

Rita Raley's response (excerpt)


Rita Raley praises twin interactivities.

Matt Gorbet's response (excerpt)


Matt Gorbet maintains that interactive texts remain overfamiliar to bodies trained on snowflakes and rain.

The Rose of Wandering


Dragica Felja on the Peripatetic Poetry of Miroslav Mandic.

Finding Holes in the Whole


Jacob Edmond reviews Brian McHale’s The Obligation toward the Difficult Whole.

Querying the Connoisseur of Chaos


A Wallace Stevens conference review from poet and critic Ravi Shankar.

Literal Art (sidebar)


Sidebar images from “Literal Art: Neither Lines nor Pixels but Letters.”

Bridge Work


Form and platform are bridged in Stephanie Strickland’s “V: WaveSon.nets/Losing L’una,” a book with two beginings and a website to boot. Chris Funkhouser tests the load limit of this innovative, precarious structure.